About Rekstrarvörur (RV)

RV focuses on marketing, selling and distributing healthcare products, cleaning articles and concepts as well as products for the general daily operation of institutions and companies. RV is a market leader in the business-to-business market for cleaning and operational goods. About 70% of RV´s business is with customers that are owned by governmental and municipal institutions. Our cash and carry shop is enjoying strong sales. The financial position of RV is strong, we own our buildings in Iceland and Denmark and we are utilizing synergy effects of running two similar companies in two countries.

Our motto is: "RV – all you need at work"

Our list of products include the following:

  • Cleaning products and machines

  • Paper products 

  • Plastics products

  • Tableware, porcelain and glass products

  • Canteen,restaurant, hotel and cafeteria supplies

  • Special products for quick service restaurants 

  • Office supplies

  • Work clothes and safety products

  • Batteries and light bulbs

  • Window films

  • Healthcare supplies for hospitals and healthcare

RV has always combined quality and good price with the best organisational techniques and knowledge of methods and needs. Thoroughly trained salespeople and consultants have been the core of the company. The sales force has been the key to building durable relationships with our important customers. Mutual benefit is a given and trusted concept of the company. RV focuses on effective, one-stop shopping solutions and on interactive consultation to best meet the needs of its customers.

RV specializes in servicing the needs of institutions and companies for cleaning articles and other products for their daily operations. RV's emphasis on concepts and system solutions for hygiene, health, environment and safety requires constant updating of service, products and information. For these reasons training and development of marketing skills are vital parts of RV's operation.

The RV Healthcare division offers products from the best suppliers in the world in this field. Our specialists offer consultancy and training to our customers. RV Healthcare is constantly adding new products to the wide range we already offer. Our main suppliers in this field are Mölnlycke Health Care, SCA (TENA), GoJo, CCS Healthcare, Medica AD, Franz Mensch, Romed, CHIRANA T. Injecta a.s., Bicakcilar, Bioemetrix, FL Medical and Heinz Herenz Medizinalbedarf.

Our Suppliers

RV specializes in selling and distributing from dependable manufacturers that are environmentally responsible and function according to international standards. RV makes it a point to continuously introduce new items and consistently offer top-quality products at competitive prices. 

The main product groups offered are cleaning chemicals, machines for cleaning, various cleaning articles, paper and plasticware, tableware, break room supplies, office supplies, work clothes and safety products. We also supply batteries and light bulbs, window films, and healthcare supplies of various types.RV focuses on it´s own imports from worldwide suppliers.

RV focuses on economical total solutions and active consultation that best meet the needs of its costumers.

We supply total solutions to operational and health care tasks

RV is a nationwide distributor of  approximately 6000 articles from numerous reliable and responsible national and international manufacturers and has a sizeable marketshare in various product-groups.

For the most part consultants and salespeople sell directly to the companies RV serves. For larger companies long-term, comprehensive contracts are usually made.

RV has always made a concerted effort to carry hygiene and health care products, cleaning articles and other products for the daily operation of institutions and companies.

RV offfers products and services that increase food safety, product safety and user safety for the HoReCa (Hotels, restaurants and cantines) business and the QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) business

RV  runs a Cash-and-Carry store, which is also open to the general public. It is located in Réttarháls 2, in the east part of Reykjavik